Fat burning cardiff

fat burning cardiff

But by the next morning, her face had swollen and her right eye had closed up. Dinya recalls: 'I shouted to my mum fat burning cardiff something was wrong and when she rushed into the room, she was so shocked when she saw my fat burning cardiff.

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She was put on a morphine drip and given antihistamines and steroids to reduce the swelling. Dinya, 18, poses with the home hair dye kit that triggered her allergic reaction which left her in hospital The dye triggered a reaction which left her head swollen to three times its normal size and closed her eyes Dinya says: 'I think I was scaring children in the waiting room, as one kid started to cry.

I looked hideous. They fat burning cardiff, but told her she needed further tests and she was added to the waiting list for allergy testing. That night, as pierderea în greutate kdka celebrated at her friend's party, no-one recognised her underneath all the swelling. She remembers: 'People were asking me where Dinya was, and I kept having to tell them it was me. My face hurt so much I could barely talk and the pressure in my head was unbearable 'I was stupid not to use the recommended patch test, and I could've avoided such a bad reaction if I'd followed the instructions on the box.

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But in January this year, Dinya decided to dye her hair again. Although she was still waiting for an appointment to come through for allergy testing, she decided to take the risk.

Believing it was the chemical, ammonia, that had caused her previous allergic reaction, Dinya bought Clairol's Nice 'n' Easy hair dye in black, with 'no ammonia'.

fat burning cardiff

But mum, Barez, a retired interpreter, warned her about the risk of having another allergic reaction. Ignoring her mum's concerns, Dinya carried out a patch test and applied a small spot of dye behind her ear.

Dinya Rasool temporarily blind after TWICE suffering allergic reaction hair dye | Daily Mail Online

Two days later, everything was normal, so she went ahead and applied the dye. But as the colour developed, her scalp began to tighten and itch. Terrified she was having another reaction she immediately washed out the dye.

fat burning cardiff

Dinya, aged 15, before she used a home hair dye kit that lead to her first severe fat burning cardiff reaction She suffered a similar reaction when she used a different hair dye when she was 15 years old Within four hours, her faced had ballooned to three times its normal size and her eyes were closed shut. She says: 'The burning sensation was the same as the first time, and I just panicked.

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I took some antihistamines, hoping it would reduce the swelling. Dizzy and her scalp oozing with pus, Dinya was temporarily blind in both eyes.

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Her glands were dangerously swollen and her breathing had become laboured. I remember looking at my reflection in the mirror and bursting into tears. I looked like a monster, it was horrendous. She was immediately hooked up to a morphine drip and pumped full of strong steroids to help reduce the swelling - while medics monitored her high heart rate. Eventually, after six hours, the pain in her face subsided, and she was able to open her eyes.

She says: 'I remember looking at my reflection in the mirror and bursting into tears.


Six weeks later she was back to normal, but still suffering from a dry flaky scalp. In May this year allergy tests revealed she was allergic to chemical para-phenylenediamine PPDwhich is present in many home hair dye kits.

The ingredient is a common allergen that is banned in many European countries. People can become allergic to it at any time, even if they have been exposed to it before without problems. Dinya, pictured with her mother Barez Saieed, was diagnosed with an allergy to chemical para-phenylenediamine PPD and wants it to be banned in the UK Dinya says: 'Now that I have had the reaction once, I will always be allergic to PPD and another reaction could kill me.

I was very lucky.

fat burning cardiff

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