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La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani These units use an unsurpassed collection of colour clinical photographs of all major dermatological conditions, concise yet comprehensive text and Key Point boxes to aid quick access to information and examination preparation.

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They incorporate summaries of the essential skin biology and associated basic sciences that underpin clinical practice, as well as advice on established and emerging dermatological treatments. Guidance is also given to dermatological emergencies, and to the most useful online resources for updates and further reference.

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Building on previous success, this seventh edition has been fully revised throughout. The accompanying interactive eBook version completes this superb learning package.

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New and enhanced coverage dr katz fat burner key and emerging areas — including biologic therapies, dermoscopy, skin surgery, cosmetic surgery, skin cancer, pigmented skin, male and female genital dermatoses, lymphomas of the skin, paediatric dermatology, psychodermatology, rosacea, benign skin tumours, immunological tests, molecular genetics, connective tissue diseases of the skin and skin procedures New line drawings and photographs incorporated throughout to further improve clarity and ensure comprehensive visual coverage of important dermatological conditions Printed book Includes downloadable eBook version with bonus material — incorporating self-test flashcards and multiple Information is presented in easy to access text layouts.

Highly illustrated with over colour photographs and drawings.

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Summary boxes are included for revision purposes. Covers the subject from basic molecular mechanisms through to the principles of medical and surgical treatment.

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